Meet Michele Richardson

Michele RichardsonApril 2014

I originally founded The Integrated Mother® in 2005 with a vision to help career-mined moms make sense of the demanding, tiring and often conflicting work/life juggle. At the time, I was a married mother of three (all under 5 yeas old) managing a growing executive coaching practice.

Fast forward to 2014, and a lot has changed.

I took a break from this site to build a new business, returned to San Diego after over a decade away, experienced the pain of divorce and my kids are older — one rambunctious 8-year-old boy, and two hormonal girls, 11 and almost 13 — (Lord, help me…now). Oh, and I lost a ton of content because I failed to properly back this site up (bummer!), but my mission remains the same:

To equip, teach, and support mothers to effectively manage their life and their work, so they can enjoy the best life possible.

I appreciate you being here as I return to The Integrated Mother, slowly re-build this site and share what I’ve learned about mothering, working and simply creating a life well spent.

Contact me if you have any questions or want to give feedback.